As a church family we work together in order to reach our community for God.  The church is lead by the pastor and church members and is organized into church board's and committees which support the work of the church.
Our Pastor serves as the spiritual leader, in partnership with membership lay leaders and church boards.  Our church is very diverse:  consisting of farmers, manufacturers, professionals, and business owners.  Our members are active in many different community organizations and missions.

Our church structure consist of four boards:​ Deacons, Deaconesses, Trustees, and the Board of Christian Education.  These boards work together to keep the church running smoothly.

The Deacon Board provides pastors/speakers in the absence of the regular pastor, oversees content and organization of the church services, and assists the pastor in his duties, i.e.: communion, baptisms, evangelism and care of church members.

The Deaconess Board assists the Deacon Board and the Pastor in the ​spiritual work of the church, coordinates wedding receptions, funeral dinners and other special events, prepares communion elements and oversees the nursery.

The Trustee Board oversees the maintenance of the church building, office equipment, soundboard and projectors, lawn and outside area of the church as well as the parsonage and the parsonage property maintenance.

The Board of Christian Education is in charge of supervising Sunday school classes and curriculum and Vacation Bible School.  This board along with the Deacons and Deaconesses plan special events like women's retreats and special mission projects.

Each board meets monthly and gives a report to​​​​ the congregation at the monthly business meetings.  Financial reports, special projects and other concerns of the members are addressed and voted on at these business meetings.

We have several committees that also aid in keeping track of our finances and running our church services.  Our paid staff includes the Pastor, a secretary, and a custodian.  At various times in the past we have had a paid Youth Pastor, and Director of Team Ministries.​​  We have volunteers that serve as Choir Director, Praise Team Leader, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and Youth Leader.

Lay Leaders and church members are key to helping the Pastor in every aspect of our family ministry at First Baptist Church of Lamar Colorado.​​​​